Note to MICA student buyers: Leave a comment in the “notes to seller” section that you’d like to either pick up your purchase or have one of the Friends of Globe deliver it to you—your shipping can be refunded through PayPal.

After the great response to the Friends of Globe t-shirts we printed, we’ve decided to use some of Globe’s classic illustration cuts to print even more t-shirts. It’ll be like wearing a Globe poster on your body!

Cuts_Race Car
Race car!

Cuts_Burlesque + Print
Burlesque ladies!

Cuts_Circus + Print
Circus clowns!

We will be printing these in the upcoming week and selling them through the Etsy site. In the meantime check out all of the classic poster reprints and letterpress re-strikes in the etsy shop.


You’ve all been asking how to get your hot little hands on those iconic Globe Poster reprints and re-strikes—here is all the information you want to know.

We are launching the etsy site tomorrow, Wednesday!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the goodies that will be available. Remember this is your last chance to buy these vintage reprints, and your only chance to purchase the re-strikes printed by the Friends of Globe at MICA.
Note to MICA student buyers: Leave a comment in the the “notes to seller” section that you’d like to either pick up your poster or have one of the Friends of Globe deliver it to you—your shipping can be refunded through PayPal.

Poster_Otis Redding

Poster_Led Zeppelin

Poster_Mr Dynamite James Brown

This is only the tip of an iceberg of prints and posters that will be for sale tomorrow!

What a busy and exciting week it has been! The Friends of Globe wanted to take a moment to send a big thank you to our fellow friends for their support and interest this week. It has been so wonderful to get such positive feedback from you all.

Classic thanks!

After only 5 days on the interweb, we have gotten over 1,300 views! That’s unbelievable! Keep checking back daily for updates. We’ve got some great posts planned, and a few guest posts coming up. Any news relating to Globe will be posted here.

Our twitter keeps getting more and more followers. We have 43 after only 4 days. At one point we got 11 new followers in 30 minutes! Follow us at

Making Friends
We have over 50 friends listed on our Become a Friend page. If you’d like to become a friend, email us (micafriendsofglobe[at]gmail[dot]com) or leave a comment, and we will gladly add you to our growing list.

This is all so exciting. The more friends we keep making, the stronger our campaign becomes!

Today was an incredibly exciting day for Friends of Globe. Our army of Goldenrod t-shirts made quite an impression at MICA’s Spring Town Hall Meeting. There were approximately 20 Friends in attendance including faculty members, Kyle Van Horn and Ryan Clifford.

Friends of Globe posed several questions to the administrative panel, President Fred Lazarus, Dean of Undergraduate Studies & Faculty Jan Stinchcomb, Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students Dusty Porter, and Vice President for Operations Michael Molla, about Globe’s future at MICA.

President Fred Lazarus took the floor and gave a brief history about Globe and MICA’s interest in acquiring it. Additionally, he discussed some of the concerns that MICA has including… How would Globe’s wood type collection be utilized in MICA’s academic curriculum? How will MICA store and protect this impressive collection? And how will MICA fund this acquisition?

Friends of Globe appreciate being heard at the meeting and will continue to teach the MICA community about the importance of Globe’s wood type collection finding a home at MICA.

Thank you Friends for your continued support and interest in learning more about Globe’s rich history within Baltimore.

Friends of Globe has gone from a casual description of a handful of people, to a statement of membership of a massive amount of support that has come together overnight. What better way to show support than to wear it on your chest.

For our upcoming town hall meeting at MICA the Friends decided that we should print t-shirts identifying ourselves as the Friends of Globe when we are gathered together in the room. (Those MICAns planning to attend this afternoon’s meeting—Main 110, 2:30)

Tuesday evening, Carolyn, Greg and I got together to put ink on fabric. We created a small army of golden yellow shirts with Friends of Globe in big black letters. “Friends of” is set in Colin Ford’s Globe Gothic typeface, which was inspired, of course, by the collection. He designed this face last year as part of his senior thesis while finishing his undergrad at MICA. He is currently pursuing his masters at Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten Den Haag (KABK) in Type and Media.

We printed 25 t-shirts for tomorrow’s town hall meeting—most of which were reserved before printing. We didn’t realize t-shirts would be in as high demand as posters, but don’t worry for all of you who didn’t pre-order we got your back. You can still get in on this great $10 deal! Email us, MICAfriendsofglobe[at]gmail[dot]com by 2:30pm on Wednesday the 16th to request a shirt. We will print more in the coming week and get them to you asap. T-shirt requests after 2:30 will be $15. Apologies, but since this is happening on a whim, cash only until the Etsy site goes up in the coming week, stay tuned! All proceeds from the shirts are going directly to Globe.

Check out more photos in our flickr group

I stumbled upon this trailer for a Globe Poster documentary, and am dying to learn more about it! The video is the work of John Lewis (a dear friend of the Cicero brothers) and Alex Castro (co-director of Mr Boh’s Brewery)

Frank and Bob Cicero humbly explain the simplicity and boldness of their designs. John Waters is as charming as ever, describing the nostalgic style of Globe posters. Solomon Burke, who passed away this past fall, emphasizes the connection between Globe Poster and Black history.

If watching Bob poignantly predict the future of Globe doesn’t make you choke up, I don’t know what will.

Attention MICA community!

This Wednesday, February 16 is the Student Voice Association Town Hall Meeting. It will be in Main 110 from 2:30-4.

This is our chance to tell President Fred Lazurus how important we think this acquisition is. The more people at the meeting, the more impact we can have. This is our only chance as students to bring up Globe face-to-face with Fred.

Come show your support and make a fuss!

The Friends will be printing t-shirts for the occasion. If you are interested in purchasing one ($10), email us (micafriendsofglobe[at]gmail[dot]com).

The SVA is MICA’s student government, with two councils to focus on both the student life and academic concerns of the students.