This past week was spring break at MICA, but that did not stop the Friends of Globe. Today we wrapped up a long, but exciting week of digging through 80 years of Globe production.

Carolyn distributing type
We went through wood type, cuts, posters, sketches, ruby liths, amber liths, digital films, and boxes of mystery.

We found amazing pieces of entertainment history and listened to good music along the way. Want to make the perfect Globe Pandora station? Combined The Temptations and Little Richard, thanks Carolyn!

A big thanks to everyone who made this week awesome! From Left to Right. Colin and Ariel, 2nd year graduate students at the Mt. Royal School. Carolyn, a senior at MICA. Ande from Orange Element, who joined us today as a guest type sorter. Mary and Steve, aka Shop Boy, of Typecast Press. Allison, senior at MICA, and Kyle from Dolphin Press and Baltimore Print Studios.

Not pictured contributing friends: Ellen and Greg, senior graphic designers at MICA. Whitney, Director of the new MFA Illustration Practice program at MICA. Sabrina, a MICA senior, was home for break but checking in on us regularly and busting out some killer design work for the upcoming lecture. Last but not least thank you Bob for sharing this collection with us!

See more of our finding on on Flickr, and Have a happy weekend!

One more thing! Jim Sherraden of Hatch Show Print is coming Tuesday March 22, 6PM Falvey Hall in the Brown Center at MICA. Its going to be an excellent talk, its free and open to the public. The Friends of Globe are going to be there, in gold, and you should too!

MICA students we need your help! We need ushers to help with the event, we will have a table with Globe posters and t-shirts, as well as Hatch Show Print posters. If you are available at 5pm to help before the event please email us at MICAfriendsofglobe[at]gmail[dot]com


I have been to Globe once before this week, when I first took letterpress at MICA a year and half ago. I remember there being a lot of type but when I entered on Tuesday it hit me how much type there really is. Everywhere you turn there is something new, and don’t forget to look down!

rows of type

type on the floor
We found ourselves walking around the shop the first hour we were there pulling open draws and drooling. The type nerd in all of us gazed at the 50 line extra condensed, and then spotted little sister, the 8 line version a few draws up. Not all the love goes to the tall skinny super models though, we have crushes on the huskier bold extended gothics as well.

bold extended
Tuesday day was presented as a type treasure hunt, find all the loose type in the shop and figure out where it belongs. A reverse treasure hunt of sorts, or as Kyle said, “putting the gold back in the pot.” Carolyn, Ellen and I cracked to it rounding up every last loose letter. We quickly became well aquatinted with the layout of the shop, and in what section we were mostly likely to find homes for our displaced friends.

type on table
While we were busy sorting type Shop Boy and Kyle sorted through giant boxes, like the kind you stand in, filled with lots of smaller boxes. Those smaller boxes are filled with cuts of singers and performers. They have been noting some of the famous faces they has seen and the attire of some of the performers, trying to get a good feel for what is hidden in those boxes. On the opposite side of the shop Ariel and Colin have been flipping through old portfolios of films and sketches, occasionally calling us over when they find something not to be missed. Such as sketches for posters hanging around the shop, or the incredible rubylith films for an old horror flick are just a few of the treasures they have pointed out.

colin &ariel moster film

monster film close up
Its incredible to see what’s hiding out in the shop, pieces of music, movie, Baltimore, circus, and racing history, you name it its there. It makes for a long days but we don’t go unfed. We start our day with a magical breakfast of doughnuts and baked goods, from Hoehn’s Bakery. At lunch time we get amazing sandwiches from the Italian deli in the neighborhood, Di Pasquales. Bob entertains us with stories of Globe, how the shop used to operate, and the people who worked there.

bear cut
See more pictures on our Flickr, but for now its time to get some thesis work done!

Read Printrestings visit to Globe!

PRINTERESTING’s newest Globe post

PRINTERESTING’s first Globe post

Even though this week is spring break, does not mean it is a break for the Friends of Globe!

We will be spending the next few days at Globe Poster, going through everything and making final decisions about what should be brought to MICA.

Follow us on Twitter for updates on the gems we are finding/loving. We will be making a detailed post later in the week, with non-iPhone photos and give a personal account of what it is like going through everything in the organized chaos of Globe’s immense collection.

Stay tuned!

Friends of Globe would like to apologize for the “radio silence” the past two weeks. Not only have we gotten busy with schoolwork, but most recently we’ve been preparing for a very exciting event coming up.

Get ready!

Jim Sherraden of Hatch Show Print is coming to MICA on Tuesday, March 22 at 6pm in MICA’s Falvey Hall (located in the Brown Center).

To spread the word, the Friends were asked to crank out a Globe-inspired poster. We had just two full days to produce a 120+ edition run. Working late into the evening/morning, and with the help of Mary Mashburn and Kyle Van Horn we were able to pull it all together.

A Globe-clone—the final proof we pulled before starting our print run.

Our process was very similar to how Globe produced posters back in their heyday. We set all of the type, finalized the layout and started a little make-ready. Then we pulled several proofs to make sure everything was looking good before drawing the clouds. We then laid rubylith to trace and cut the clouds out. Two screens were exposed, and we went at it with our squeegees—pulling bright day-glo orange onto white poster stock. After letting the ink dry a bit, we got the press running and letterpressed the type. Voila!

One and a half drying racks were filled with orange clouds

Carolyn “got on press” to get a shot of our haphazard lockup.

We were up late into the early morning to get it all printed, but the final poster made it all worth it. We couldn’t be happier with our Globe lookalike poster.

Be on the lookout for the posters around Baltimore soon.

We have had such positive response from so many people wanting to show their support! The new shirts are printed and on their way out to new bodies. To show your love and excitement about Globe, Monday 2/28 is Friends of Globe day. All friends wear your shirt!

***If you are are at MICA and have not gotten your shirt yet we will be at Dolphin from 6-8 tonight, 2/26, printing stuff. We will have t-shirts on hand you can pick up. You can email us micafriendsofglobe[at]gmail[dot]com and let us know you’re coming, we’ll keep checking on the email and we’ll met you at the door.***

This morning Ray Allen, Provost of MICA told us the news we have been waiting to hear:

MICA WILL be purchasing a large portion of Globe’s wood type collection and cuts.

We are on cloud nine with this news. It hasn’t sunk it yet, but we have been doing the happy dance, and Bob and Frank Cicero are grinning ear to ear.

Thank you to everyone who came to the town hall meeting—our matching t-shirts made quite the impression. Thank you to all for your support, you can continue to show your support by checking the Etsy, as we will continue to showcase the beautiful Globe Collection.

Globe, welcome to MICA.