The on-going collection of spotted Globe-related memorabilia. If you spot Globe Posters or Globe-influenced work, send it to us (micafriendsofglobe[at]gmail[dot]com) We will post it here.

These were found at a trip to the Hardrock Orlando, James Brown and BB King. I saw the BB King looking across the restaurant and knew without a doubt that it was a Globe, and then got close and checked the footer to confirm it was in fact Globe Poster Baltimore.
(Allison, 2.13.2011)

Spotted: Tons of Globe posters plastering the walls of a gym in an amazing video Ace Kieffer made of his dad boxing. (Mel, 2/13/2011)

Spotted: Globe Poster in background of Ghost World (2001). Steve Buscemi’s character Seymour is an avid music fan and record collector–selling Enid an old Blues album. No doubt he would be familiar with Globe Poster. Well done, set designers and prop people. (Carolyn, 2/13/2011) source