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NPR’s Leah Scarpelli did a wonderful story on Globe Poster and the Friends of Globe, which aired this morning on Weekend Edition.

It was so exciting and strange to hear ourselves on the radio. I certainly should have practiced my “radio voice” before Leah interviewed us two weeks ago.

Read the full web story here.

People have been leaving really, really great comments on NPR’s facebook link to the story.

And everyone is asking, once again, where they can get their hands on some of those iconic Globe posters. Here’s a link to Globe’s etsy site. The Mr. Dynamite James Brown poster will, hopefully, be re-listed soon. So, sit tight!

And if you happened to come to our blog from the NPR story—Hello there!


goOver the next three days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) the Friends will be at Globe counting and logging exactly how many letters are in every drawer of type. It’s going to be a big job, but we’ve enlisted all of our friends to help.

Stay tuned on our twitter for how the Great Sort is going.

Here’s to hoping we have a productive Sunday!

Even though this week is spring break, does not mean it is a break for the Friends of Globe!

We will be spending the next few days at Globe Poster, going through everything and making final decisions about what should be brought to MICA.

Follow us on Twitter for updates on the gems we are finding/loving. We will be making a detailed post later in the week, with non-iPhone photos and give a personal account of what it is like going through everything in the organized chaos of Globe’s immense collection.

Stay tuned!

Friends of Globe would like to apologize for the “radio silence” the past two weeks. Not only have we gotten busy with schoolwork, but most recently we’ve been preparing for a very exciting event coming up.

Get ready!

Jim Sherraden of Hatch Show Print is coming to MICA on Tuesday, March 22 at 6pm in MICA’s Falvey Hall (located in the Brown Center).

To spread the word, the Friends were asked to crank out a Globe-inspired poster. We had just two full days to produce a 120+ edition run. Working late into the evening/morning, and with the help of Mary Mashburn and Kyle Van Horn we were able to pull it all together.

A Globe-clone—the final proof we pulled before starting our print run.

Our process was very similar to how Globe produced posters back in their heyday. We set all of the type, finalized the layout and started a little make-ready. Then we pulled several proofs to make sure everything was looking good before drawing the clouds. We then laid rubylith to trace and cut the clouds out. Two screens were exposed, and we went at it with our squeegees—pulling bright day-glo orange onto white poster stock. After letting the ink dry a bit, we got the press running and letterpressed the type. Voila!

One and a half drying racks were filled with orange clouds

Carolyn “got on press” to get a shot of our haphazard lockup.

We were up late into the early morning to get it all printed, but the final poster made it all worth it. We couldn’t be happier with our Globe lookalike poster.

Be on the lookout for the posters around Baltimore soon.

We have had such positive response from so many people wanting to show their support! The new shirts are printed and on their way out to new bodies. To show your love and excitement about Globe, Monday 2/28 is Friends of Globe day. All friends wear your shirt!

***If you are are at MICA and have not gotten your shirt yet we will be at Dolphin from 6-8 tonight, 2/26, printing stuff. We will have t-shirts on hand you can pick up. You can email us micafriendsofglobe[at]gmail[dot]com and let us know you’re coming, we’ll keep checking on the email and we’ll met you at the door.***

This morning Ray Allen, Provost of MICA told us the news we have been waiting to hear:

MICA WILL be purchasing a large portion of Globe’s wood type collection and cuts.

We are on cloud nine with this news. It hasn’t sunk it yet, but we have been doing the happy dance, and Bob and Frank Cicero are grinning ear to ear.

Thank you to everyone who came to the town hall meeting—our matching t-shirts made quite the impression. Thank you to all for your support, you can continue to show your support by checking the Etsy, as we will continue to showcase the beautiful Globe Collection.

Globe, welcome to MICA.

Note to MICA student buyers: Leave a comment in the “notes to seller” section that you’d like to either pick up your purchase or have one of the Friends of Globe deliver it to you—your shipping can be refunded through PayPal.

After the great response to the Friends of Globe t-shirts we printed, we’ve decided to use some of Globe’s classic illustration cuts to print even more t-shirts. It’ll be like wearing a Globe poster on your body!

Cuts_Race Car
Race car!

Cuts_Burlesque + Print
Burlesque ladies!

Cuts_Circus + Print
Circus clowns!

We will be printing these in the upcoming week and selling them through the Etsy site. In the meantime check out all of the classic poster reprints and letterpress re-strikes in the etsy shop.