Last night was the Jim Sherraden lecture at MICA, and it was awesome! He talked about the work of Hatch Show Print, and the shops niche in this digital age. President Fred Lazarus formally announced that MICA is buying a large portion of the Globe Poster collection.

The Friends of Globe were hard at work all day pulling together last minute details and hoping for a packed house. MICA events dept. put our minds at ease when they said the phone had been ringing off the hook. The Friends made buttons to pass out to guests after they filled out some information on a card designed by our own Sabrina, and printed at Typecast Press.

We hung a showcase of Globe and Hatch Show Print posters.

Then sold them like hot cakes as well.

Time for some much warranted THANK YOUS! The usual suspects first. My partner in crime, Carolyn, our co-collaborators Sabrina, Ellen and Greg. The wonderful Ariel B. and Colin, grad students from Mt. Royal School. Mary & Shop Boy of Typecast Press, Kyle of BPS & Dolphin Press and Gail, the printmaking dept. chair.

THANK YOU! to our lovely and talented classmates who helped sell posters and greet guests. Zoe, Ariel W, Bong, Michelle, Kailie, Andy, Ryan & Sam. Thank you to Anita from the graphic design department who loaned us the button makers and let us store stuff in her office. The evening would not have run as smoothly as it did without your help!

You guys rock, a round of high fives for everyone! Sorry Sorry if I missed you, let me know so I can add you.