I have been to Globe once before this week, when I first took letterpress at MICA a year and half ago. I remember there being a lot of type but when I entered on Tuesday it hit me how much type there really is. Everywhere you turn there is something new, and don’t forget to look down!

rows of type

type on the floor
We found ourselves walking around the shop the first hour we were there pulling open draws and drooling. The type nerd in all of us gazed at the 50 line extra condensed, and then spotted little sister, the 8 line version a few draws up. Not all the love goes to the tall skinny super models though, we have crushes on the huskier bold extended gothics as well.

bold extended
Tuesday day was presented as a type treasure hunt, find all the loose type in the shop and figure out where it belongs. A reverse treasure hunt of sorts, or as Kyle said, “putting the gold back in the pot.” Carolyn, Ellen and I cracked to it rounding up every last loose letter. We quickly became well aquatinted with the layout of the shop, and in what section we were mostly likely to find homes for our displaced friends.

type on table
While we were busy sorting type Shop Boy and Kyle sorted through giant boxes, like the kind you stand in, filled with lots of smaller boxes. Those smaller boxes are filled with cuts of singers and performers. They have been noting some of the famous faces they has seen and the attire of some of the performers, trying to get a good feel for what is hidden in those boxes. On the opposite side of the shop Ariel and Colin have been flipping through old portfolios of films and sketches, occasionally calling us over when they find something not to be missed. Such as sketches for posters hanging around the shop, or the incredible rubylith films for an old horror flick are just a few of the treasures they have pointed out.

colin &ariel moster film

monster film close up
Its incredible to see what’s hiding out in the shop, pieces of music, movie, Baltimore, circus, and racing history, you name it its there. It makes for a long days but we don’t go unfed. We start our day with a magical breakfast of doughnuts and baked goods, from Hoehn’s Bakery. At lunch time we get amazing sandwiches from the Italian deli in the neighborhood, Di Pasquales. Bob entertains us with stories of Globe, how the shop used to operate, and the people who worked there.

bear cut
See more pictures on our Flickr, but for now its time to get some thesis work done!