Today was an incredibly exciting day for Friends of Globe. Our army of Goldenrod t-shirts made quite an impression at MICA’s Spring Town Hall Meeting. There were approximately 20 Friends in attendance including faculty members, Kyle Van Horn and Ryan Clifford.

Friends of Globe posed several questions to the administrative panel, President Fred Lazarus, Dean of Undergraduate Studies & Faculty Jan Stinchcomb, Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students Dusty Porter, and Vice President for Operations Michael Molla, about Globe’s future at MICA.

President Fred Lazarus took the floor and gave a brief history about Globe and MICA’s interest in acquiring it. Additionally, he discussed some of the concerns that MICA has including… How would Globe’s wood type collection be utilized in MICA’s academic curriculum? How will MICA store and protect this impressive collection? And how will MICA fund this acquisition?

Friends of Globe appreciate being heard at the meeting and will continue to teach the MICA community about the importance of Globe’s wood type collection finding a home at MICA.

Thank you Friends for your continued support and interest in learning more about Globe’s rich history within Baltimore.