Over the weekend I had the great opportunity to letterpress for the first time. What made the experience even better was that I got to print with original Globe cuts that were for horror flick posters. It was great to be printing with something that had so much history that was visible not only in the design but the plate itself. All the textures that designers now achieve through a digital process happened naturally because of the plate’s age and history. The great texture was from the plate being worn down, used and abused. I feel this only adds to the print itself because it works so well with the title being Horror Shows, it is reminiscent of old film movies of this genre and time period. This was a fantastic thing to see and work with because it is a once in a lifetime chance to get to print with something not only influential in Baltimore’s history but also graphic design and poster design history.

Globe Horror Shows

Thanks to Allison, Carolyn, Ellen, and Sabrina for letting me work on this with you guys!