So after a long period of neglecting our blog we have finally decided to bring it back to life. Many new updates are on the way, but this just could not wait.

Have you passed by the windows of the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall recently? Maybe some DayGlo caught your attention? That handy work is thanks to MICA students, faculty and alumni who took over and curated an exhibition.

Come check it out up close and personal at the closing reception on Tuesday March 24 from 5:30–8:30 p.m.

The exhibit highlights Globe’s legendary music posters for R&B, rock, hip hop and Go-Go artists, and also features carnival posters, political posters, and a wall dedicated to the women of Globe, from carnival babes to top women artists. The exhibit also notes MICA students’ contributions to bringing Globe to MICA and includes photographs of students sorting and packing the collection.

But wait! There is MORE!
Several classic screen reprints of iconic Globe posters will be sold during the reception with faculty member Bob Cicero, one of the former owners of the collection, on hand to sign them.

The exhibition team included
MICA graduate students Allison Gulick, Deana Haggag, Chloe Helton-Gallagher, Kelcey Towell
MICA alumna Allison Fisher ’11, Globe consultant at MICA Mary Mashburn

Letterpress proofing by Globe Collection and Press coordinator Ingrid Schindall and interns
Christine Brown, Justin Caruso, Rei Lem, Lyla Schlon and Mario Urpi
Photographs by Sam Culpepper, Allison Fisher, Becky Slogeris ’11
Thanks to Toby Blumenthal at the Meyerhoff, Sabrina Kogan ’11, Kimberly Gim, and Steve St. Angelo

Extra special thanks to Bob and Frank Cicero and to all the Friends of Globe in Baltimore and beyond who helped to save Globe’s treasures

Hope to see you there!
For more information about Globe, email

On Thursday afternoon Marys Letterpress class from MICA came to Globe for a visit. Bob gave them a tour of the shop and a mini history lesson about Globe.

shop tour
They got a crash course in how Bob would lock up a form. In the video below Bob talks about how he plans out a lock up

The class got a chance to roam around the shop and drool at all the gorgeous type. It was fun to pull open draws of some of my favorites and let them have a peak. Ryan, a junior GD major, got just as excited as I do about 10-49, a slender gothic supermodel.

We put them to work alphabetizing type. They were an immense help, between 15 of them they alphabetized 17 draws of type in about an hour. That’s pretty impressive since half of it was really full drawers of 6 line.

We made it through another three days of type sorting! We completed almost 100 drawers of type, all neatly alphabetized, equalized, counted and carefully tallied.

THANK YOU Mary, Shop Boy, Bob, Carolyn, Sabrina, Brian, Ande, Ellen, Sam, Christian, Kim G, Kim B, Kyle, Ann, Michelle, Clara, Scott, Skye, Justin, Chris, Ingrid, Christine, Whitney, Bryn, Ian, Susan, Josh & Lara.

Round of applause for an amazing crew! Now for some smiling faces.

kim & chrisitan
Bob showed us the finer points of a good type lock up. So much to learn.

Photos by Allison, Carolyn & Sam
See more here

NPR’s Leah Scarpelli did a wonderful story on Globe Poster and the Friends of Globe, which aired this morning on Weekend Edition.

It was so exciting and strange to hear ourselves on the radio. I certainly should have practiced my “radio voice” before Leah interviewed us two weeks ago.

Read the full web story here.

People have been leaving really, really great comments on NPR’s facebook link to the story.

And everyone is asking, once again, where they can get their hands on some of those iconic Globe posters. Here’s a link to Globe’s etsy site. The Mr. Dynamite James Brown poster will, hopefully, be re-listed soon. So, sit tight!

And if you happened to come to our blog from the NPR story—Hello there!

goOver the next three days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) the Friends will be at Globe counting and logging exactly how many letters are in every drawer of type. It’s going to be a big job, but we’ve enlisted all of our friends to help.

Stay tuned on our twitter for how the Great Sort is going.

Here’s to hoping we have a productive Sunday!

We had a special guest a few weeks back! David Shields, curator of the Rob Roy Kelly Collection at UT Austin came to town for the weekend. He and Mary went through the collection and made a very detailed map of the layout of the drawers in the shop.

David also solved the labeling mystery. On each drawer there is a number, example 15-55. We knew the first number was the line height. The second number stumped us. We knew it had to do with the weight of the character, a 55 was skinner than a 65, but it was all proportional to the line height.

When David came to visit he brought with him a Globe Wood Type catalog that he had found. Globe Wood Type is a company based out of Philly. Relationship? We’re looking into it. The catalog solved the mystery, the second number matched the order numbers in the catalog. A very practical way for printers to order more of the same type.

The MICA friends stopped by the shop to meet David and do some type sorting. We did a practice run for the big sort part II that starts today. The plan is to go through the collection each drawer at a time and alphabetize, and each height with more than one drawer will be equalized. By the end we will know exactly how many of every letter is in the collection.

We got to put our department chairs to work too. Gail and Whitney dug into the Copper Black corner, and put some lost letters back in their homes.

Our friend Zoe, a fellow MICA GD senior came to the shop for the day too. She got more than just a visit though, she got a thesis crit from David. Zoe’s thesis project is 2012 calendar that highlights 12 important innovations in the history of letterpress. The type she is using is scanned and vectorized for polymer plates but all of the type comes from specimen sheets from the Rob Roy Kelly Collection. David had some really fun insights to share with us about that collection.

The digital proofs of Zoe’s calendar are magnificent. I can’t wait to see the real letterpress deal. We will let you know when it gets released for purchase.

Last night was the Jim Sherraden lecture at MICA, and it was awesome! He talked about the work of Hatch Show Print, and the shops niche in this digital age. President Fred Lazarus formally announced that MICA is buying a large portion of the Globe Poster collection.

The Friends of Globe were hard at work all day pulling together last minute details and hoping for a packed house. MICA events dept. put our minds at ease when they said the phone had been ringing off the hook. The Friends made buttons to pass out to guests after they filled out some information on a card designed by our own Sabrina, and printed at Typecast Press.

We hung a showcase of Globe and Hatch Show Print posters.

Then sold them like hot cakes as well.

Time for some much warranted THANK YOUS! The usual suspects first. My partner in crime, Carolyn, our co-collaborators Sabrina, Ellen and Greg. The wonderful Ariel B. and Colin, grad students from Mt. Royal School. Mary & Shop Boy of Typecast Press, Kyle of BPS & Dolphin Press and Gail, the printmaking dept. chair.

THANK YOU! to our lovely and talented classmates who helped sell posters and greet guests. Zoe, Ariel W, Bong, Michelle, Kailie, Andy, Ryan & Sam. Thank you to Anita from the graphic design department who loaned us the button makers and let us store stuff in her office. The evening would not have run as smoothly as it did without your help!

You guys rock, a round of high fives for everyone! Sorry Sorry if I missed you, let me know so I can add you.