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Even though this week is spring break, does not mean it is a break for the Friends of Globe!

We will be spending the next few days at Globe Poster, going through everything and making final decisions about what should be brought to MICA.

Follow us on Twitter for updates on the gems we are finding/loving. We will be making a detailed post later in the week, with non-iPhone photos and give a personal account of what it is like going through everything in the organized chaos of Globe’s immense collection.

Stay tuned!

We have had such positive response from so many people wanting to show their support! The new shirts are printed and on their way out to new bodies. To show your love and excitement about Globe, Monday 2/28 is Friends of Globe day. All friends wear your shirt!

***If you are are at MICA and have not gotten your shirt yet we will be at Dolphin from 6-8 tonight, 2/26, printing stuff. We will have t-shirts on hand you can pick up. You can email us micafriendsofglobe[at]gmail[dot]com and let us know you’re coming, we’ll keep checking on the email and we’ll met you at the door.***

This morning Ray Allen, Provost of MICA told us the news we have been waiting to hear:

MICA WILL be purchasing a large portion of Globe’s wood type collection and cuts.

We are on cloud nine with this news. It hasn’t sunk it yet, but we have been doing the happy dance, and Bob and Frank Cicero are grinning ear to ear.

Thank you to everyone who came to the town hall meeting—our matching t-shirts made quite the impression. Thank you to all for your support, you can continue to show your support by checking the Etsy, as we will continue to showcase the beautiful Globe Collection.

Globe, welcome to MICA.

Note to MICA student buyers: Leave a comment in the “notes to seller” section that you’d like to either pick up your purchase or have one of the Friends of Globe deliver it to you—your shipping can be refunded through PayPal.

After the great response to the Friends of Globe t-shirts we printed, we’ve decided to use some of Globe’s classic illustration cuts to print even more t-shirts. It’ll be like wearing a Globe poster on your body!

Cuts_Race Car
Race car!

Cuts_Burlesque + Print
Burlesque ladies!

Cuts_Circus + Print
Circus clowns!

We will be printing these in the upcoming week and selling them through the Etsy site. In the meantime check out all of the classic poster reprints and letterpress re-strikes in the etsy shop.

You’ve all been asking how to get your hot little hands on those iconic Globe Poster reprints and re-strikes—here is all the information you want to know.

We are launching the etsy site tomorrow, Wednesday!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the goodies that will be available. Remember this is your last chance to buy these vintage reprints, and your only chance to purchase the re-strikes printed by the Friends of Globe at MICA.
Note to MICA student buyers: Leave a comment in the the “notes to seller” section that you’d like to either pick up your poster or have one of the Friends of Globe deliver it to you—your shipping can be refunded through PayPal.

Poster_Otis Redding

Poster_Led Zeppelin

Poster_Mr Dynamite James Brown

This is only the tip of an iceberg of prints and posters that will be for sale tomorrow!

What a busy and exciting week it has been! The Friends of Globe wanted to take a moment to send a big thank you to our fellow friends for their support and interest this week. It has been so wonderful to get such positive feedback from you all.

Classic thanks!

After only 5 days on the interweb, we have gotten over 1,300 views! That’s unbelievable! Keep checking back daily for updates. We’ve got some great posts planned, and a few guest posts coming up. Any news relating to Globe will be posted here.

Our twitter keeps getting more and more followers. We have 43 after only 4 days. At one point we got 11 new followers in 30 minutes! Follow us at

Making Friends
We have over 50 friends listed on our Become a Friend page. If you’d like to become a friend, email us (micafriendsofglobe[at]gmail[dot]com) or leave a comment, and we will gladly add you to our growing list.

This is all so exciting. The more friends we keep making, the stronger our campaign becomes!

Attention MICA community!

This Wednesday, February 16 is the Student Voice Association Town Hall Meeting. It will be in Main 110 from 2:30-4.

This is our chance to tell President Fred Lazurus how important we think this acquisition is. The more people at the meeting, the more impact we can have. This is our only chance as students to bring up Globe face-to-face with Fred.

Come show your support and make a fuss!

The Friends will be printing t-shirts for the occasion. If you are interested in purchasing one ($10), email us (micafriendsofglobe[at]gmail[dot]com).

The SVA is MICA’s student government, with two councils to focus on both the student life and academic concerns of the students.

All type and cuts were generously loaned to us by Bob Cicero of Globe Poster Company. Thanks again, Bob!

Yesterday Allison and I volunteered to help with the letterpress demos at Parents/Family Weekend. Seeing it as the perfect opportunity to bring about awareness of Globe Poster to the parents of MICA, we set up two presses for printing with Globe woodtype and ornamental cuts. The other two presses were set up with beautiful Globe cuts scheduled to be printed later that day.

mica parents weekend lockup
Bright pink and rich black ink greeted parents as they walked into the letterpress studio of Dolphin, and everyone was eager to try their hand at printing. While they walked the press to the end of the bed, we took the opportunity to explain where all of the type and cuts came from, the history of Globe, and the inevitable closing of the shop. Sometimes before we could finish our spiel, there were chimes of “MICA should buy Globe!” One eager mom even offered to write an email to Fred. Mom’s are the best!

It was wonderfully gratifying to learn that parents are just as interested in the future of Globe at MICA as the students are. There seemed to be a general interest and excitement in letterpress. To get more traffic upstairs in the studio, Allison wrote “Come try letterpress!” on one of the posters, and I hung it in the window of the front door of Dolphin. Many parents came into the studio already familiar with letterpress–several ready with excellent questions about presses and type. I think this has a lot to do with letterpress’s resurgence thanks to the DIY movement, and sites like Etsy highlighting the handmade.

Several times a parent turned to me, after making their print, to ask if they could keep it. “Of course! You made it,” I’d say, and they’d smile brightly. I was reminded of how I felt when I made my first print on a Vandercook, and how I am continually amazed at the magic of letterpress. The serendipitous discovery of blocks and furniture fitting together, the smell of the ink, the sound of the Vandercook as it hits the end of the bed–everything adding up to the satisfaction of pulling that first print off the press. It was great sharing part of that magic with parents yesterday.

Photos courtesy of Sam


See more of Sam’s pictures here

Stay tuned for where you can purchase these awesome posters we printed!

The substantial collection of unique and historic wood type from Globe Poster stands 100,000 pieces strong with an additional 5,000 –10,000 beautiful hand carved wood illustrations and photo cuts. They have spelled out the names of Jimi Hendrix, The Beach Boys, BB King and countless other artists across musical genres from early R&B to hip hop. In addition to the show poster archive, circus, fair, boxing and drag racing cuts/illustrations comprise the collection. The Cicero family that has been involved in Globe since 1935 are now unable to keep the presses running–they are at risk of losing this inspiring collection unless a home is found for it immediately. Our goal is to make a permanent home for this collection at MICA.

This blog will serve as a space for the Friends of Globe to update everyone on the progress being made to bring the Globe collection to MICA, share our experiences, and inform the public on how they can help.


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